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Another washed out year
and here I am, nowhere particular in the sequence of time
as ever and ever before, planning my escape from nowhere to somewhere else
in the nowhere

the warm baked earth presses against my chest as I lie with closed eyes
observing the empty darkness inside myself
waiting for the flickering of imaginations made visible through thoughts
I am a drifting baby in my mother’s womb and a grown man washed up on the shore
with the ocean behind me from where I came
chasing the light and what seemed to be solid earth
with my back to the sky, my one ear listening to the planet
listening for the motion of our intimately entangled celestial bodies
embracing each other with gravitational force

I am a death in the making
who cares? no one cares
I don’t care any longer

and free of care

escape 1 - graded.jpg
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