Ferdi Birkholtz


Ferdi Birkholtz as 'Dreyer'


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Elme Strydom. Post and Pre Production

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Bibi Vermaak. Craft & Catering 

Marelize de Jager. Executive Producer

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Anika du Toit. Production Co-ordinator

Chris Wait. Director/Producer

Laura McGregor. Art Department

& Wardrobe

Katrien Stroebel


Chris Wait. Director/Producer - I have been playing around with still images and video production for most of my life. This production is me stepping up with the aim of producing 'real' films.

Marelize de Jager. Executive Producer -  Marelize will be managing the fund and she will be making sure nobody runs away with the money. Marelize has a Baccalareus degree in administration with 12 years of experience in the field, so your money is in good hands.

Anika du Toit. Production Co-ordinator 

Laura McGregor. Art Department & Wardrobe, Hair & Make-up - Laura has been working in the film industry for 14 years now and is an established Art Director and Wardrobe Stylist.

Elme Strydom. Post and Pre Production - Elme is an international writer and graphic designer who has been featured in literary publications and art magazines abroad. She wrote a handbook on graphic design that rated in the top 130 Amazon sellers.

Bibi Vermaak. Craft & Catering

Katrien Stroebel. Marketing Manager - After studying law, Katrien moved to Australia where she worked on multiple

projects. She returned back to SA and took on pro-Bono work that has gained her a lot of experience. 


The treatment was developed in such a way so that the film can be easily shot on a low budget. It involves only 4 characters, (one which is only a very minor role in the end), and only three locations. Because there is no real budget to speak of and because we need to do table readings and rehearsals in Tulbagh, I cast non-actors, (including myself). The philosophy is to do the best we can with what we have.

Ferdi Birkholtz as 'Dreyer'. This character is more aggressive with a strong survival instinct.