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I am open to the Mystic in me, discovering new Worlds, new Ways and unknown Magic.


I present myself as artist that loves painting portraits of people in many different ways.  Some are done with brushes and expressive wide strokes and somewhat watery runny paint  and some I feel to do with a palette knife, done with credit cards, large palette knifes and thick and heavy paint.

The Human being draws and attracts me as it is my chosen form of expression emotion, the feel of life in all its highs and lows.  I am able to express the range of human emotion in a loving way experiencing life as a joyful journey.  I am Divinely grateful for my gift and passion to focus on the human being experiencing emotion, joy and the range of emotion on the continuum.

I’ve  had an adventurous life so far breaking the rules of conformity and also enjoying setting new joys without boundaries.

I throw myself into the deepest depths of the unknown to experience the Mysterious in unpredictable ways… that is the only way to lose yourself in the Normal Ego controlling way.

I am here to experience the Unknown in its most Profound ways possible for me….

My experiences include living as little girl in a small town, graduating with a BA Communications degree, living on a yacht at sea for 5 years, being a mom and teaching them school myself, experiencing myself as artist,  without any tutoring, residing in Paris, France as artist, facing struggles and rising as the being I am. I embrace with you more of me and you….

I am grateful for art buyers and art lovers all over the world.

I trust you enjoy my journey of the unknown through art, with me.

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