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She laughs. I can feel my morning glory coming on strongly. I touch her hair. I reach down and pull her towards me. She slides in alongside my scaly body and kisses me on the cheek. The mermaid has cometh. I roll on top of her and we kiss each other. I slide my hand between her legs and rub her crotch. I unbuckle her belt and top button and push my hand inside and I’m glad she’s not a real mermaid. I stop kissing her because I want to feel the light spray of her breath on my neck. I push my nose in her hair and I smell her scent deeply. She pulls down my pants and I do the same for her. We lie on top of each other, feeling one another’s presence. She opens up and the tip of my penis becomes a deadly hunter in a forest of flesh. My prey is an open wound swollen with the moist will to survive a little longer. I capture her in my mind before I plunge into the ocean. She gasps a gentle gasp like they often do, those that come from the deep. The spray and the wind entangle, it embalms the rock with light salt crystals and vapour. The mood of the ocean is a gentle sway which now becomes a faster rhythm. The waves destined for breaking on a foreign shore. My tongue explores her milky skin. The ship creaks under the weight of our journey. The wind is starting to blow fiercely. The storm is raging. The hurricane is blowing. Our vessel is starting to break apart. I hear the mainsail being torn to flimsy pieces by a sudden gust. The main mast comes down with a crash. BOOM!
We are drifting, clutching on each other's wreckage, floating towards the gentle shore of a benevolent island, our home for this moment. We drift a quiet while before returning to the realm of things and words.


+27 (0)82 298 1171

company reg: 2021/385290/07
5 Birkdale Avenue, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

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